Building permit and contractor data where you need it

Shovels can push over 100 million building permit and contractor records directly into your Snowflake, Big Query, or Databricks accounts. We also sell the underlying parquet data.

Add permits to Snowflake

To get our permit data in Snowflake, we just need your public org and account identifiers. No extra engineering or security support required.

Add permits to Big Query

To get permit data into your Big Query account, we just need a Google service account. The tables will arrive pre-formatted and ready to query.

Parquet format

We know that dealing with CSV files is a massive headache, especially with complex data and confusing serializations. That's why we like parquet and prefer to send building contractor and permit data in this format.

Automatic updates

With our private table sharing service, updates are done automatically. When we have new production data, it flows into your Snowflake, Big Query, or Databricks account automatically.

Custom schema

For super custom reporting, we can run SQL locally and format your report exactly the way you want it. For these requests, we'll deliver as CSV and offer both one-time and monthly options.

Flexible terms

We won't make your legal team nitpick every line of our terms and conditions. Terms are designed to give you flexibility to reuse and even resell Shovels output.