Easily integrate permit and contractor data

Integrate Shovels into your property technology or climate technology product. We offer API endpoints and data feeds on commercial and residential properties and the contractors who work on them.

Oh, the things you can build

Lead generation for local building supply companies

When people remodel their homes, they need all sorts of stuff. Flooring, cabinet hardware, kitchen appliances, paint. All the things! Wouldn't local building supply companies like to know when the owner of a nearby 2,500 square foot home pulls a remodel permit? We think so. Shovels can power the critical data trigger for this exciting go-to-market application.

CRM for building contractors

Customer relationship management (CRM) software exists for building contractors. We think these CRMs should be smarter. When a contractor signs up, pull in all of their past and current permits. We can do that. Then, once their CRM is automatically populated with jobs, offer them leads based on those past jobs. We can show all homes with brand new permits, or homes that haven't had a permit in a while and probably are due for some upkeep. You build the CRM, we offer the data.

Update property valuations based on comps and permits

Zillow and Redfin estimate the value of a home based on comps. Thus, the valuation only changes when nearby homes get sold. But what if you just remodeled the kitchen? Or added an ADU? Zillow should know this and recompute a property value, but they don't. You should build this, and we'll help. Opportunity *knocks*.

Green property score

Electrification is a thing. Homes are going green, and green means no methane (a.k.a. natural gas) appliances. Homes that have already installed heat pumps and solar panels will have a premium. We can tell which homes these are, flag them in our database, and you can incorporate this data into your green real estate tech product.

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