Track building electrification permits and contractors

We see every solar, EV charger, heat pump HVAC, water heater, and battery installation. Integrate this data into your green contractor marketplace or green home renovation service.

We care about climate

Shovels is making a deliberate effort to support electrification progress. We're putting engineering and data science resources into parsing permits to specifically identify solar panel sizes and heat pump installations.


We track all contractors, so we also track the guys that install solar panels and heat pumps. With our unique inspection rate and construction speed metrics, we can tell you who is objectively the best.

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Utilities, governments, and researchers want to know where electrification has already happened. We have that. We also will help you cross electrification activity against census data to make sure frontline communities aren't being left out.

Historical data

Our data go back decades. Use Shovels to build electrification trends by year or season. See what happens during recessions and housing booms, and measure the effect of the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022.