Sell building electrification products and create installer networks

We see every solar, EV charger, heat pump HVAC, water heater, and battery installation. Use this data to build lead lists and create installer networks based on contractor service area.

We care about climate

Shovels is making a deliberate effort to support electrification progress. We're putting engineering and data science resources into parsing permits to specifically identify building electrification activity.

Installer networks

It's hard to know who's available. We track all contractors, and we know how many active jobs a contractor has and how long it usually takes them to complete a job, allowing you to filter by service area and availability.

Unlike Yelp and others, we search by where contractors work, not where they live.

EV contractor case study


Utilities, governments, and researchers want to know where electrification is happening. We have that.

We can help you build lists of homes with recent building electrification activity so you can promote your climate software and hardware products.

EV charger case study

Historical data

Our data go back decades. Use Shovels to build electrification trends by year or season. See what happens during recessions and housing booms, and measure the effect of the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022.

Let's cool the climate
by bringing on the heat pumps 🌶️