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Look up contractors by name or license number. Filter by job history, construction speed, and inspection pass rate.

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Pay by jurisdiction
Price increases by geography, not by lookup. Get unlimited searches in the geographies where you need them.
Look up by name or license number
Evaluating bids? Look them up on Shovels to see current and past permit performance before you commit.
Always accurate
Our contractor data is refreshed and re-processed constantly. We retrieve updates from our source data partners and supplement with our own retrieval systems.
Quality metrics
We calculate inspection pass rate and construction speed wherever it's available, providing an overall score and metrics by permit type.
Job availability
We know how many jobs each contractor can usually handle and whether they have the capacity to add one more.
Data feeds and APIs
You can always consume Shovels data directly through our data feeds and APIs for fast and efficient integration into your applications.