The nationwide building contractor directory

Look up contractors by their service area, not their business address. Filter by their permit history, construction speed, and inspection pass rate.

2.5M contractors

Our contractor directory is derived from our national building permit database. We use advanced data science to clean and deduplicate contractors across over 100M building permits in the United States.

Look up by service area

When you hire a contractor, you don't care about their business address; you care about their service area. We know where contractors work because we use their building permits.

Always accurate

Our contractor data is refreshed and re-processed monthly. We retrieve updates from our building permit database and supplement with state contractor license files.

Quality metrics

We calculate inspection pass rate and construction speed wherever it's available, providing an overall score and metrics by permit type.

Job availability

We know how many jobs each contractor can usually handle and whether they have the capacity to add one more.

CSVs and APIs

You can download to CSV directly from Shovels to analyze or transfer into your other applications.