Episode 9: Exploring AI in proptech

Tue 21 November 2023

In this exciting episode of our podcast, Fernando Pizarro and I, Ryan Buckley, delve into the intriguing world of artificial intelligence (AI) and its application in the proptech industry. Our discussion comes at a critical time, following recent changes at OpenAI and the broader implications for the tech world.

Our conversation began with a reflection on the significant shift at OpenAI, marked by Sam Altman's departure. This event conveniently intersected with our topic of discussion - AI, offering a timely and relevant backdrop. We explored how these changes could potentially influence AI's role in various industries, especially proptech.

During the podcast, I shared my experiences using Google's BARD and ChatGPT. I noted the limitations I encountered with BARD, particularly in comparison to the more effective ChatGPT. This segued into a broader discussion on the practical uses of AI in proptech, including content creation and strategy.

AI's role in content marketing and SEO strategy was a key focus. Drawing from my decade-long experience as an entrepreneur, I emphasized the importance of consistent effort in SEO and content marketing. We discussed how AI can be a powerful tool in these areas, significantly aiding businesses in building and maintaining an online presence.

A major highlight was the introduction of GPTs - custom instances of ChatGPT that remember specific prompts. This advancement in AI technology has streamlined content creation processes, allowing for more personalized and efficient use of AI tools. I shared an example of how I created a custom GPT for summarizing podcast transcripts, which significantly eased the content creation for our podcast.

Furthermore, we delved into the potential of AI in real estate listings. Using AI to write compelling, keyword-dense property descriptions based on images alone showcased the technology's capacity to understand and interpret visual data effectively. This capability can revolutionize how real estate listings are created, offering both efficiency and creativity.

The episode concluded with a discussion on the future of AI in proptech and other industries. We pondered the technology's evolving nature and its potential to simplify complex tasks, foreseeing a future where AI's integration becomes more seamless and indispensable.

In summary, this week's podcast offered an insightful exploration of AI in proptech. We discussed the changing landscape of AI, its practical applications in content strategy, and its burgeoning role in real estate marketing. As AI continues to evolve, its impact on proptech and beyond is bound to be profound and transformative.