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Episode 3: Positioning in proptech

Fri 13 October 2023

In the ever-evolving world of property technology (proptech), understanding and mastering the art of positioning can be the difference between success and obscurity. In our latest episode of "What We Learned This Week in Proptech," Fernando and I delve into this critical business strategy, drawing parallels between a simple bakery product and complex proptech solutions. This comparison, inspired by insights from April Dunford's "Obviously Awesome," sheds light on how strategic positioning can make a significant impact.

The Bakery Analogy: A Lesson in Positioning

Imagine walking into a bakery that sells the most delicious chocolate cake. This cake is their flagship product, the crown jewel of their culinary expertise. Now, picture this cake being sold not just as a cake but also as a muffin or even a lollipop. This is where the concept of positioning comes into play. It's about how you frame and market your product to target different segments and create diverse customer perceptions, even if the core product remains the same.

In the world of proptech, this analogy translates into how companies position their products or services in the market. It's not just about what you offer; it's about how you present it to your audience and how they perceive its value.

Shovels: An Evolution in Positioning

The Shovels journey serves as a prime example of effective positioning. Initially positioned as an API provider, the company recognized the need to pivot towards a more market-driven offering. By rebranding themselves as a go-to-market solution for lead generation, Shovels was able to tap into a more lucrative and relevant market segment. This shift wasn't just a change in our marketing strategy; it was a strategic move that aligned our product with the evolving needs of our customers and the market at large.

This evolution in positioning demonstrates the importance of being agile and responsive to market trends. Shovels listened to customer feedback, understood the changing landscape of proptech, and adapted their positioning accordingly. It's a testament to the fact that in the fast-paced world of technology, flexibility and adaptability are key to survival and success.

Aikito: Adapting to Market Needs

Aikito's story is another compelling case of strategic positioning. Initially offering financing solutions, the company pivoted to providing project management and contractor connections. This change was driven by a deep understanding of their customers' evolving needs and the market dynamics.

Aikito's shift highlights a critical aspect of positioning: it's an ongoing process. As markets change and customer needs evolve, so must the positioning of products and services. Aikito's ability to adapt and reposition itself allowed the company to stay relevant and competitive in the dynamic proptech landscape.

The Importance of Aligning with Customer Needs and Market Trends

The key takeaway from our episode is the importance of aligning your product's positioning with customer needs and market trends. In proptech, where technology and customer preferences are constantly evolving, staying attuned to these changes is crucial. Whether it's through customer feedback, market research, or industry trends, understanding the ecosystem in which your product exists is vital for effective positioning.

Positioning is not just a one-time marketing exercise; it's a strategic decision that influences every aspect of your business. It affects how you develop your product, engage with your customers, and ultimately, how your business is perceived in the market. In the fast-paced world of proptech, getting your positioning right can mean the difference between leading the market or lagging behind.


In conclusion, the art of positioning in proptech, as illustrated through our bakery analogy, is about more than just marketing. It's about strategically aligning your product with the market and customer needs. It's about being adaptable, responsive, and always willing to evolve. As proptech continues to grow and change, those who master the art of positioning will be the ones who thrive.

As we continue to explore the fascinating world of proptech, Fernando and I are excited to share more insights and learnings with you. Stay tuned for more episodes of "What We Learned This Week in Proptech," where we delve into the trends, challenges, and opportunities shaping this dynamic industry!