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Episode 2: Fundraising in proptech

Sun 01 October 2023

In our latest episode of "What We Learned This Week in Proptech," my co-host Fernando Pizarro and I, Ryan Buckley, delved into the intricate world of fundraising in Proptech.

The Art of Fundraising

Our conversation began with a reflection on fundraising trends. As Fernando pointed out, the financial markets for Proptech are in a state of flux, echoing my observations at Blueprint Las Vegas, where venture capitalists (VCs) exhibited a growing enthusiasm for the sector. This surge in interest is a positive indicator for startups seeking funding, even as the broader VC landscape faces challenges.

Fernando shared his experiences working at companies like Disney, National Geographic, and Yahoo, and his transition to startups in the Bay Area. His journey in gamification and Go-To-Market strategies, particularly in PropTech, offered a rich perspective on how funding dynamics have evolved over the years.

I discussed my own journey with Shovels, the company I co-founded. Our fundraising approach was shaped by lessons from my previous ventures and a determination to avoid the pitfalls I encountered earlier. I emphasized the importance of finding investors who share your vision and passion, echoing advice I received: seek investors who are "irrationally excited" about your project.

The Climate Tech Connection

A significant aspect of our discussion revolved around the intersection of proptech and climate tech. We explored how technology in real estate inevitably ties into broader environmental concerns. Fernando’s work in facilitating business owners with sustainable space development showcases this intersection too.

For Shovels, the connection to climate tech is direct. We leveraged building permits to identify competent contractors, particularly those skilled in installing eco-friendly systems like heat pumps. This approach didn't just align with our business goals but also resonated with many investors' commitment to environmental sustainability.

Diverse Approaches to Fundraising

Our fundraising strategies, while guided by similar principles, took different paths. Fernando’s approach was deeply influenced by his rich network and personal connections. My journey with Shovels was a mix of leveraging networks and targeting investors aligned with our mission and vision.

Both of us agreed that while the process is challenging, the right investor relationship can be a game-changer. It’s not just about securing funds but about finding partners who contribute more than just capital to your venture.

The Future of Proptech

As we wrapped up our discussion, we reflected on the future of Proptech and its inevitable intertwining with climate tech. This sector is not just about innovative technology; it's also about driving meaningful change in one of the world's most fundamental industries – real estate.

The episode closed with an optimistic outlook for Proptech startups. Despite the varying challenges, the opportunities in this space are immense. The key lies in understanding market dynamics, aligning with the right partners, and staying committed to the vision.