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Episode 19: The books that saved us

Tue 27 February 2024


In this episode, Fernando and Ryan discuss their favorite business books and the lessons they learned from them. They cover a range of topics, from leadership and decision-making to habits and building successful startups. The books they discuss include 'The Hard Thing About Hard Things' by Ben Horowitz, 'Atomic Habits' by James Clear, 'Zero to One' by Peter Thiel, and 'Predictable Revenue' by Aaron Ross. They highlight the importance of embracing challenges, focusing on process over outcomes, and creating original work.


  • Embrace the difficulties and challenges in business, as they can lead to personal and professional growth.
  • Focus on building effective habits and processes, as they can have a big cumulative impact over time.
  • Consider the difference between zero-to-one and one-to-end businesses, and the value of creating something original.
  • Specialize and optimize different parts of your sales process to improve conversion rates and drive predictable revenue.


00:00 Introduction

00:30 Discussing Favorite Business Books

05:39 Choosing Business Books

08:38 The Hard Thing About Hard Things

14:55 Atomic Habits

19:41 Zero to One

25:43 Predictable Revenue

31:36 Conclusion