Episode 18: Outbound sales masterclass

Tue 20 February 2024


In this episode, Ryan Buckley shares his insights and experiences with outbound sales tactics in the PropTech space. He discusses the importance of preparation and positioning before starting an outbound campaign. Ryan explains how he builds a targeted list of potential clients using tools like Clay and Lemlist. He also highlights the use of N8N as a workflow tool to automate and manage replies. Ryan emphasizes the significance of automation and the availability of advanced tools in today's market. Overall, this episode provides valuable information on leveraging technology for successful outbound sales in PropTech.


  • Preparation and positioning are crucial before starting an outbound sales campaign.
  • Tools like Clay and Lemlist can help build targeted lists and automate email sequences.
  • N8N is a powerful workflow tool that can integrate with various apps and automate processes.
  • Analyzing results and iterating on the outbound strategy is essential for continuous improvement.
  • Automation and advanced tools have revolutionized outbound sales in the PropTech space.


00:00 Introduction and Background

06:18 Preparation and Positioning

07:30 When to Start Outbounding

09:20 Building the List

10:16 Using Clay for Email Addresses

13:31 Sequencing Software: Lemlist

15:24 Iterating and Scaling

19:39 Using N8N as a Workflow Tool

25:26 Analyzing Results

28:42 Using N8N for Reply Management

30:05 N8N and OpenAI Integration

35:19 Automation and Tools in Today's Market

36:15 Conclusion