Episode 17: The Super Bowl pre-game show

Tue 13 February 2024


In this episode, Ryan Buckley and Fernando Pizarro discuss the Super Bowl and its impact on marketing and brand exposure. They explore the idea of a PropTech Super Bowl commercial and speculate on potential spokespersons for the industry. The conversation shifts to the importance of go-to-market strategies and the role of marketing in the success of software companies. They also discuss the value of data and marketing referrals, as well as the challenges of product launch and hiring for marketing roles. The episode concludes with their Super Bowl plans.


  • The Super Bowl is a significant event for brand exposure and marketing.
  • Go-to-market strategies and marketing are crucial for the success of software companies.
  • Data and marketing referrals are becoming increasingly valuable.
  • The narrative and storytelling in marketing play a vital role in capturing audience attention.


00:00 Introduction and Super Bowl

01:09 The Taylor Swift of PropTech

02:42 Success Factors for Software Companies

03:40 Super Bowl and the Importance of Influencers

06:29 PropTech Super Bowl Commercial

07:54 Potential PropTech Super Bowl Ads

09:31 Importance of Go-To-Market Strategy

10:20 Fundraising Update

11:14 The Role of Marketing in Fundraising

13:07 Challenges in Fundraising

14:14 The Importance of Storytelling and Marketing

15:45 The Value of Marketing Referrals

17:13 The Increasing Value of Data

18:45 The Role of Narrative in Marketing

20:20 The Role of Scripted in Storytelling

21:16 Choosing Between Data and Marketing

22:35 The Challenges of Product Launch and Marketing

24:18 Hiring and Challenges in Marketing

26:56 Conclusion and Super Bowl Plans