Episode 15: The sexiest topic we've done so far: Zoning

Mon 29 January 2024

Ryan Buckley and Fernando Pizarro did a deep dive into the world of zoning in their latest podcast episode. They explored the historical roots of zoning, initiated in New York City in 1916, to manage urban growth and separate industrial, residential, and commercial spaces. The discussion then shifted to the implications of zoning on socio-economic dynamics, highlighting the balance between development and environmental preservation.

Buckley shared insights into the complexities of modern zoning and its impact on property technology (proptech). He discussed the case of Houston, the largest U.S. city without conventional zoning laws, presenting a unique landscape for urban planning and development. The conversation also touched on innovative proptech startups like DeepBlocks, leveraging AI to navigate zoning compliance and enhance urban planning processes.

Throughout the episode, Buckley and Pizarro illuminated zoning's pervasive influence on daily life, development, and the proptech sector. They underscored the critical role of zoning in setting development guardrails and its evolving nature amidst technological advancements and urban challenges.