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Episode 14: Davos and the DOE

Thu 18 January 2024

The latest episode of "What We Learned This Week in Proptech" with Ryan Buckley and Fernando Pizarro offered an intriguing juxtaposition of two distinct yet influential events: the World Economic Forum at Davos and a significant roundtable discussion hosted by the White House Office of Science, Transportation, and Policy.

Fernando's experience at Davos was nothing short of fascinating. The event, known for its congregation of government, business, and non-governmental leaders, aimed at solving global issues, provided a platform for unprecedented networking and insights. Fernando’s interactions ranged from meeting the new president of the Club of Rome, a sustainability-focused organization, to engaging discussions on topics like AI and geopolitical happenings. The event's exclusivity, combined with its high-profile attendees, made for an environment rich in opportunities and spontaneous connections.

On the other side of the globe, I had the privilege of virtually engaging with key figures from the White House and the Department of Energy. This engagement revolved around a pressing contemporary issue: building electrification and the challenges in obtaining permits for green infrastructure projects. The discussion highlighted the complexities of zoning changes, permit approvals, and the necessity for streamlined processes. This event underscored the critical role of proptech in facilitating green initiatives, a topic close to the heart of my work at Shovels.ai.

Both events, though contrasting in their settings, offered a shared theme: the need for innovation and collaboration in tackling global challenges. Fernando's insights from Davos emphasized the growing significance of sustainability and the urgent need for actionable solutions. My discussion with White House representatives echoed this sentiment, focusing on the bureaucratic challenges hindering progress in green infrastructure.

The podcast episode culminated in a rich exchange of ideas and experiences, illustrating the vast potential for proptech to contribute meaningfully to these global conversations. From Davos’s high-altitude discussions on global sustainability to the White House’s focus on green infrastructure and permitting, the episode painted a picture of a world increasingly reliant on technological solutions to drive progress.