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Episode 12: Navigating culture in proptech

Wed 13 December 2023

In the 12th episode of "What We Learned This Week in Proptech," Fernando Pizarro and I delved into the nuanced and pivotal role of culture in the proptech industry. We explored how culture underpins decision-making and influences company dynamics, particularly in tech startups.

"We are talking about culture, a subject that is near and dear to my heart," Fernando began, emphasizing culture's omnipresence in every facet of a company. I echoed this sentiment, noting that culture occurs whether intentionally cultivated or not.

A significant part of our discussion revolved around how culture guides hard decisions. Fernando believed that culture comes to the forefront when making trade-offs. "Culture is what you fall back on when there's a tough call to make," he said, highlighting its foundational role.

I shared insights from the EconTalk podcast, which resonated with our topic. Andrew McAfee's thoughts on culture simplified it to 'how decisions are made.' This idea of constrained optimization, choosing paths when you can't do everything, resonated with both of us.

Our conversation then shifted to how culture shapes companies' approach to diversity and inclusion. I shared my view on this, favoring equality of opportunity over outcome. "I am a big believer of recruiting from non-traditional sources," I mentioned, discussing how varying perspectives enrich company culture.

Fernando and I also touched on sustainability in proptech. Although sustainability isn't the only focus for my current business, its significance in the industry and its future role in our company culture were acknowledged.

The episode concluded with reflections on the evolution of company culture. As Fernando and I shared our experiences and learnings, it was evident that culture, whether meticulously crafted or naturally evolved, is a cornerstone in the success and identity of proptech companies.