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Episode 11: Exploring the intersection of proptech and climate tech

Thu 07 December 2023

In the 11th episode of "What We Learned This Week in Proptech," I had an enlightening discussion with Fernando Pizarro about the convergence of proptech and climate tech. This intersection is creating unique opportunities and driving innovation in both sectors.

We delved into how climate tech startups, particularly those at the intersection with proptech, are gaining momentum. I shared insights from my experiences and meetings, emphasizing the perfect timing for such ventures.

"The timing of climate tech startups, particularly the intersection of climate tech and property tech, is just really good right now," I noted, highlighting the market readiness for these innovations.

The episode also touched on the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, which I believe plays a crucial role in this sector. "It's pumping a lot of money, tens of billions of dollars, specifically into the intersection of climate tech and property tech," I said, underscoring the significant financial backing fueling these industries.

We then explored the emerging trend of virtual power plants and the role of software in managing and distributing energy across the grid. This highlights the increasing need for technology in efficiently utilizing renewable energy sources.

Fernando shared insights on New York's Local Law 97, which mandates buildings to reduce carbon emissions. This law has sparked a surge in interest for solutions that proptech startups can provide, demonstrating the regulatory push towards sustainable practices in real estate.

In conclusion, our conversation circled back to the significance of being mission-driven in the tech industry, especially in the realms of proptech and climate tech. "It's really nice to be mission driven," I reflected, emphasizing the satisfaction derived from working towards a greater good.