We use permit inspection data to evaluate contractors

We harvest and analyze millions of permit and inspection records nationwide for builders and the banks who finance them

The contractor discovery and evaluation process is still broken

The contractor hiring experience is fraught with risk

There's an agency problem in the trades; contractors know more about their fit for a project than you do

We know what good and bad contractors look like

We're calculating new metrics like inspection pass rate and construction speed using public permit and inspection records

We exist to de-risk contractor hiring and financing

Millions of permit and inspection records inform our models and analyses

Make Smarter Decisions With Shovels

For Climate

We track the proliferation of green building

We can tell you where it's happening and who's doing it.

For Builders

We help you expand your contractor network

Work with the best contractors no matter where you build.

For Banks

We help you de-risk your construction loans

Avoid underwriting poor performers who build slow projects.

We are an API-first DaaS that is built for data analysis

Integrate with a single line of code

Or ask us for ready-to-use daily CSV exports!

$ curl -su "{API_KEY}:X" \
{ "name": "NEXTGEN EARTH INC", "street": "1326 WILSHIRE AVE", "city": "SANTA ANA", "zip": "92705", "state": "CA", "all_projects": 120, "active_projects": 4, "expired_projects": 23, "average_job_value": "$13,500", "inspections_pass_rate": 0.89, "sq_ft_per_month": 640 }

Or evaluate contractors directly using our dashboard

We made it easy to search and see all the relevant metrics

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