Use building permits to discover buyer intent

Building permits are a treasure trove of buyer intent information. Reach the right buyers for construction, climate, and property technology products at exactly the right time.

Sales and marketing tools for the building trades

Reach buyers for B2B and B2C products with the right message at the right time -- using building permits with Shovels.

B2C property buyer intent
Find recent roofing, kitchen remodel, electrification, and ADU permits. Send direct mail to the addresses or use the addresses to find email and phone numbers for your sales teams.
B2B construction buyer intent
Shovels tracks commercial permits too! Filter for large projects of thousands or even millions of square feet. Discover who the contractors are and contact them by phone or email.
Construction loan origination
Homeowners often pull permits before they have the financing lined up. Get a list of recent home remodel permits in your territory and share your financial products with them.

Want to go-to-market?
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